Machine: HELMS INSPEKTOR – Innovation for quality control of packed and unpacked products

HELMS INSPEKTOR is an innovative machine for integrated quality control of packed and unpacked products of all kind which sorts faulty products with the most up-to-date camera technology.

The machine inspects products, unpacked products, packaging labels, barcodes and raw materials with regard to color, shape, size variations, welding failure, cracks, impurities, foreign bodies, debris, open or empty product containers as well as text content, bar codes and 2D codes.

HELMS INSPEKTOR has already gained considerable reputation for its efficiency and functionality at well-known companies in the food industry.

HELMS INSPEKTOR in 2 variants:

There are two models of HELMS INSPEKTOR, a serial inspection (HELMS INSPEKTOR SI) and parallel inspection (HELMS INSPEKTOR PI) machine.
HELMS INSPEKTOR SI inspects products on a conveyor belt one after the other and HELMS INSPEKTOR PI inspects products next to each other spread irregularly on a conveyor belt.

Both models are used for packed and unpacked products, while the products can be inspected from one or two sides. Also 3D inspection is possible.


– Optical inspection of products transported on a conveyor belt
– Picture recording with high definition line and area cameras
– Control of the form, color and size of the products
– Image evaluation per digital signal processors (DSP)
– Removes defect products, fragments and foreign bodies via different methods, e.g. compressed air


– High speed
– Easy operation
– Easy product change
– Easy integration in existing infrastructure
– Remote diagnosis and maintenance
– Automatic operating documentation

Cameras and lighting:

The number, resolution and types of area or line sensor cameras employed are adapted to the respective task on hand.

Photo assessment:

The evaluation software, which we developed at HELMS TECHNOLOGIE can be adapted to the respective task.

Further information:

– Produkt PDF
– Flyer Helms Technologie