We are happy to apply our extensive know-how in order to develop and construct the best possible system for automated quality control, for efficient measuring, testing and sorting for you.

Complex innovative solutions – from a single source:

With our experience and our expertise built up over many years in the fields of physics, mechanics, mechatronics, electric, electronic, hardware, software development, ultrasonic measurement, control and regulation technology, sensor technology, image processing and camera technology we are well prepared to solve your very specific control or sorting task.

We develop individual solutions to meet your specific testing or sorting tasks fairly which can be integrated into your production line in tight spaces.

By the efficient cooperation in a cooperative network of different specialized companies and research institutes we are able to offer you highly complex machines from a single source.

Task examples we already solved:

– Fully automated sorting and selection of hazelnuts and other oilseeds
– Optical inspection of Flow Pack packaging on conveyor belts
– Inspection of waffles and pastries in the production process using camera systems
– Development of sensors and measuring methods based on infrared light and ultrasound
– Performance test of precision mechanics and electronic components
– Development of high power computers based on digital signal processors (DSP and FPGA) for special applications
– Integrated solutions for measurement-, testing- and computer technology

Tasks from you:

– Analysis of sorting tasks
– Development of test benches
– Construction of test benches – Acquisition of measurement data
– Test procedure with products
– Feasibility study
– Planning
– Planning support
– Product – and process development
– Engineering & construction
– Implementation
– Instructions for use
– Training, briefing, service